The Cosmic Banditos Band - Classic Rock Sensations

Review of the Cosmic Banditos Band 

I've seen a lot of cover bands in my life, but the Cosmic Banditos take the cake. This talented band of musicians are not only masters at their craft musically, but they know how to perform and deliver a 1st class act that takes the audience on a classic rock journey back in time. Performing classics from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Golden Earring and many more. Their show is one that you don't want to miss. As they say in Germany "Hut ab Jungs" or My hat's off to you boys! Life is a stage, enjoy it before the curtain comes down.


Review written by +Phyllis Moon                                                                 All Photo-Art by Queen of Digit

 +Thommie Mueller +Hans Derer

Thommie Mueller (v) (g) (k)

Oli Drewnick on Bass Guitar & Klaus Kreczmarsky (sax) 

"Magge" Vogt (k)

Klaus H. Meyer (g), Tom Tom Schaufler (dr), 
Thommie Mueller (v, g, k)

Thommie Mueller (v, g, k), Oli Drewnick (Bass g.),"Magge" Vogt (k), Klaus H. Meyer (g), Tom Tom Schaufler (dr), Michael Ott (v, g)                                                                                                         
   +Thommie Mueller +Hans Derer +Phyllis Moon 


Thommie Mueller (v) (g) (k)

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