Tribute to Imperia on Lake Constance / Ehrung an Imperia in Bodensee

Tribute to Imperia on Lake Constance 

 Ehrung an Imperia in Bodensee

This is a combination hand-painted aquarell & digital photo collage 


As Summer nears to an end, I'd like to pay tribute to the beautiful sculpture Imperia, created by the sculptor Peter Lenk. Imperia adorns the port of Lake Constance with grace, beauty & artistic flair. Imperia was a Roman demimondaine and muse. The sculpture is 9m high and 18 tons heavy and was built in 1993. It represents the story of Honore de Balzac about the Constance Council (1414-1418).

This digital collage also portrays Lake Constance, which is a very scenic area that boasts of bordering three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. After a visit there, you are left feeling lighter, happier and full of a newness for life. These are the very same attributes one feels when swimming in water as well. It is my hope that this painting will have the same effervescent effect on you too. 

Imperia befindet sich am Hafen in Konstanz. Römische Lebedame und Muse. Skulptur( 9m hoch,18to schwer) Erbaut 1993 vom Bodmaner Bildhauer Peter Lenk nach einer Geschichte von Honoré de Balzac über das Konstanzer Konzil (1414-1418 ) 

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