The Razza Matazz Trio in Germany

Experience the Jazz, Latin & Blues Trio, Razzamatazz this summer in Germany! 

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We chose the name 'Razzamatazz' not only because it has a snappy, jazzy sound to it, but because the actual meaning of the name stems from the New York City Broadway term used for 'show' or 'performance'.  Let's just say that our trio has r e a l  Razzamatazz!

What a treat it is for us to play and to watch the expresssions of happiness on people's faces in the see their feet stomping to the rhythm of our music that swings with a boop boopy doop watch them joyfully dancing away their troubles to Jazz classics, to sultry, seductive Latin beats and music that swings the crowd onto the dance floor.

"Recently Razzamatazz was written about in a German newspaper titled, the 'Schorndorfer Nachrichten'. The journalist Thomas Milz, described our trio with the follow words translated from German into English: 

"What fun it is to listen to these three virtuoso musicians playing their version of 'The Girl from Ipanema'. Played in a manner without being contrived, with the experience of life and a laid back charm. Cool, relaxed, yet possessing full intensity! This mixture of Razza Matazz, which the name 'performance' implies, consists of the standards of Blues, Jazz and Latin genre."

How pleased we were to receive such a praise worthy review and we look forward to many more positive and well acclaimed critiques in the future!

Phyllis Moon & Razzamattazz Trio

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